Protocols for Imaging


Thermography “DITI” (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) is an FDA approved test that offers no pain, radiation, compression, and is noninvasive. This infrared scan is unique and detects physiological function measuring the microcirculation of the skin. ThermaLife offers Thermography for the entire body from your head to toes to maximize all areas of concern. Test are performed in a comfortable low light temperature controlled room where you will be partially or completely disrobed for a very short period of time. Images are reviewed immediately after testing is completed. Reports will be extensive, include images, and will be provided to you 5-7 days after testing is completed.

-12 Hours prior to Thermal Scan 

*No Shaving, Sun Tanning, or Exercising

*No Massage, Chiropractic, or anything Circulating on the Skin, etc.

-The Day of the Thermal Scan

*Do NOT apply any Lotions, Creams, Deodorants, Powders, or Makeup

-Two Hours prior to Thermal Scan 

*No Nicotine or Caffeine Products

*Do NOT eat or drink ANYTHING 

If you have any questions, or think you may have done something to hinder your scan results please don’t hesitate to ask. 



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